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Calling All Canadian Buyers!


by Joani Frankel


   Are you considering the purchase of an Arizona vacation home? This former Toronto gal

                      knows the drill and is here to guide you!

Perhaps you live in a climate that gives you too much snow? Too much ice? Too many gray days? Too many rainy and cold days? Do you have the ability to take extended vacations and you'd like to have your own place rather than stay in a hotel every time? If so you are probably the ideal candidate to look into purchasing a vacation home in Arizona and I am here to be your guide.

As with any purchase of Arizona real estate the very 1st step ,once you have found your Arizona REALTOR, is to talk with a lender and discuss the financing options that are available and what programs will be the best for your needs and comfort level. You must be pre-qualified and have a valid Loan Status Report document( aka the "LSR" ) in order to actually write a purchase contract.

Once you have have completed the financing and have secured your LSR it is time for you and your REALTOR to reveiw the housing options available and determine what will be the best for your needs and life style.

These are the things to consider: Location - be sure to learn about the different towns and cities here in Arizona so you can pick the places that best suit your idea of a great vacation place. What type of property would you like? A single family home? A luxury condo? A golf course community? A modern loft? An adult community? A planned community with everything from neighborhood golf and pools to hiking paths and workout facilities? Do you want to walk to nightlife and shopping? Are there any special needs to accommodate a disability? How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you like? Do you want furnished home?

I know this seems like much to consider and it is! That is why I am here and want to be YOUR ARIZONA REALTOR. My job as YOUR REALTOR is to guide through the full process...answer questions...make suggestions and represent YOU so that the experience will be enjoyable and your decision will be one that will reward you for many years with pleasure and make good financial sense.

Joani Frankel
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